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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

Theater and Dance


Chairperson: Professor Nancy Moses

Professors: James Quinn, Suzanne Ramczyk

Associate Professor: Jody Weber

Assistant Professors: Emmett Buhmann, Donna Dragon, Miranda Giurleo, Colleen Rua, Jennifer Sarver

Department Telephone Number: 508.531.2193
Location: Rondileau Campus Center, Room 018


Degree Program

  • BA in Communication Studies
    Concentrations: Dance Education, Theater Arts, Theater Education

Undergraduate Minors

  • Dance*
  • Theater Arts
  • Musical Theater Performance

*Interdisciplinary minor

The following program is currently inactive:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching Speech Communication and Theater

Click on Academic Programs  for program information and requirements.

The Department of Theater and Dance is committed to educating students in two significant art forms. Upon completing a program in theater or dance, students are prepared to engage in theater and dance throughout their lives, to pursue advanced study in the art forms or to begin a career in theater or dance.

The theater program emphasizes a comprehensive theater program within the liberal arts context. Students pursue a systematic course of study in performance, production, management, history, literature and criticism, which are enhanced by opportunities to participate in either performance or production in the department’s theater season.

The theater education program combines the content of the theater program with additional learning to support Standard I requirements for licensure to teach theater in public schools in Massachusetts.

The dance program offers a wide variety of dance technique training and a solid theoretical foundation for performance and choreography. In addition, the program offers an emphasis on dance pedagogy in either the private of public sector. The program fulfills Standard I requirements for licensure for dance in the public schools in Massachusetts.

Bachelor of Arts

Students majoring in this academic field may choose one of three concentrations: dance education, theater arts or theater education.

Also see the Interdisciplinary and Preprofessional Programs  section of this catalog and consult the department for information on the interdisciplinary dance minor.

Dance Education and Theater Education Concentrations

These concentrations are liberal arts programs within the major of communication studies dealing with the subject areas of dance and theater arts. They are designed to meet the subject matter knowledge requirements for Massachusetts licensure in the fields of dance and theater.

Those students in the program who choose to seek initial Massachusetts licensure at either the undergraduate or postbaccalaureate levels must also complete a minor in secondary education and gain admittance to the professional education program. Upon successful completion, the student will be licensed to teach theater or dance in Massachusetts public schools grades PreK-12. Please refer to the Department of Secondary Education and Professional Programs  section of this catalog for specific teacher licensure and program requirements.

Double Major with Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education or Special Education

Students may choose a double major in communication studies with a concentration in theater arts, dance or theater education and another in elementary education, early childhood education or special education. Please contact the Department of Theater and Dance and the appropriate education department for further information.

Honors Program

The honors program in theater arts provides highly motivated communication studies and theater arts majors with opportunities to enhance their academic program through intensive scholarly study and research designed to be of assistance in postgraduate employment or in the pursuit of an advanced degree in theater and dance. Interested students should contact the Department of Theater and Dance for further information concerning eligibility and application.

Activities and Productions

The program of theater and dance presents six mainstage productions annually in the 1400-seat Rondileau Campus Center auditorium. The productions usually include two plays, a musical, an experimental work, and two dance concerts. Any interested student is invited to audition for productions.

Several student clubs are actively engaged in cocurricular activities supportive of the academic programs in the department.

The Ensemble Theater sponsors and produces student-directed studio productions, workshops, and social and educational activities. It is open to all students interested in theater.

The BSU Dance Company is open to all and produces a student concert every year called Dance Pops. It also sponsors master classes and social and educational activities dealing with dance.

The Student Chapter of the National Dance Education Organization at BSU introduces dance students to a professional organization that supports dance education in all its forms.

Students may also receive academic credit in the department for active participation in dance or theater – see course descriptions for more information on the following courses:

DANC 140 - Dance Technical Practicum 
DANC 155 - Dance Practicum 
DANC 359 - Dance Ensemble Practicum 
THEA 140 - Theater Performance Practicum 
THEA 170 - Technical Theater Practicum 
THEA 172 - Theater Costume Practicum 
THEA 185 - Theater Management Practicum  

Note: A maximum of six credits in the above courses may be applied toward graduation.