Jan 16, 2019  
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

CNSC 605 - Orientation to Capstone Experience

(1 credit)
Prerequisite: Admission to CAGS in School Counseling Program
This orientation course provides students at the beginning of their CAGS program with the knowledge to begin work on the capstone portfolio, which is completed at the end of their program. This two-part course is a capstone experience for graduating CAGS students in school counseling to develop a portfolio that synthesizes and demonstrates mastery in the competencies critical to the functioning of the professional counselor. This orientation course is designed to produce a portfolio that crosses and integrates theoretical domains and experience with fabrics related to the effective practice of counseling. This eclectic portfolio will include various projects such as writing, research technology, publications, presentations at conferences or other similar professional activities. (Formerly CNSG 605)