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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.


Clement C. Maxwell Library

The Maxwell Library is a hub of activity conveniently located on West Campus. The library provides a variety of information resources and electronic tools for student and faculty use in a comfortable and inviting environment. Open more than 90 hours each week, the library is staffed by highly qualified professionals and support personnel skilled at satisfying research, reference and general interest requests.

The library’s core collection of print and electronic materials is complemented by a substantial collection of DVDs, maps, musical scores and other resources. Students and faculty can discover the wealth of books, newspapers, periodicals, sound recordings and movie titles using the library’s online public access catalog, Webster. With approximately 300,000 volumes, more than 31,000 periodical subscriptions and 100 electronic bibliographic and full-text article databases, the library provides students and faculty with access to a breadth of information sources supporting their classroom, learning and research needs. The library is dedicated to providing resources in all subject disciplines taught by the university’s faculty.

Because the library has both hard-wired and wireless networks, students can work anywhere in the building using their notebook computers or any other type of hand-held device. They can also use the computers to search the catalog and library website. Since most of these computers include a suite of applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, students can find information resources and complete their course assignments at the same time. The library is a place for learning and a portal to knowledge.

Disability Resources

Bridgewater State University is committed to making its facilities, services and programs accessible to all students in compliance with applicable law. Students with disabilities who desire reasonable accommodations should contact the Disability Resources Office to discuss the availability of reasonable accommodations or to obtain documentation guidelines.

Disability Resources Office
Academic Achievement Center (located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library)
Telephone: 508.531.2194 or TTY at 508.531.6113
Email: Disability_Resources@bridgew.edu

For further information, please see Resources for Individuals with Disabilities in this catalog or the Disability Resources Office web page.

Learning Resources

Bridgewater State University’s undergraduate program provides fundamental knowledge in different areas of study as well as specialized, in-depth knowledge and skills in a major area. Each student acquires the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively, think logically, work quantitatively, and evaluate and assimilate information from a variety of sources. These skills are critically important to a life of learning and personal and professional growth.

The core of the Bridgewater State University academic experience is the study of liberal arts. Every student, regardless of major, completes the core curriculum - a general course of study that provides a foundation for studies in each major. Distribution requirements include fine and performing arts, humanities, natural sciences and social/behavioral sciences. Most of the core curriculum is completed during the first two years, with the last two years focused on the major field of study.

Emphasis is placed on reading, writing and oral communication skills. Business executives rank proficiency in communication as the most important skill an employee can possess. The ability to collect and integrate information, organize ones ideas, express these ideas logically and clearly, and respond to the ideas of others is rooted in language skills.

The university has a rich and varied array of majors, minors and program options. For the undergraduate student, there is a broad spectrum of more than 100 such possibilities.

The Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center houses a variety of programs and services, some of which are listed below, that support the adjustment to university life and the academic success of students. The Academic Achievement Center is located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library.

Academic Achievement Center Hours of Operation:

Monday and Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:00am-8:00pm
Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday, 9:00am-2:00pm (Testing Center Only)

Contact the Center:

The Academic Achievement Center, 508-531-1214
Disability Resources Office, 508-531-2194, TTY 508-531-6113
Testing Services Center, 508-531-1780

The Haughey Academic Advising Program

The advising program serves freshmen, new transfer students, students who have yet to declare an academic major and Emerging Scholars. Freshmen and transfer students are introduced to the advising program during orientation. Freshmen continue to participate in advising sessions throughout the first semester of enrollment. The advising program strives to help each student make an informed and realistic decision about their choice of major and make a successful and happy transition to university life. The Emerging Scholars Program provides advising support and academic coaching to students who are academically at-risk.

A variety of services are available to help strengthen skills most essential to effective learning both in the University and throughout life. Learning assistance services are based on the university’s commitment to provide students with every opportunity to build upon strengths they have while correcting any deficiencies. This assistance is provided through specialized courses in English and mathematics and through the following services offered in the Academic Achievement Center:

Accounting and Finance Lab - assists with mastery of entry-level accounting skills and focuses on helping students learn how to study accounting. Upper-level accounting and finance majors work with small groups and individual students developing analytical skills and effective strategies for studying in selected entry and upper-level accounting and finance courses. The emphasis is on developing the analytical skills necessary to tackle any specific topic rather than rote memorization of material for a specific quiz or exam.

Communication Lab - helps students become more skilled and confident speakers. Students are assisted in the preparation, practice, taping and review of oral presentations including topic choice, research, outlining and rehearsal of the presentation. Tutors focus on the nature of the assignment, the concerns of the student, and the focus of the speech. 

Content Tutoring /Tutoring Central - provides undergraduate students with tutors for one-on-one and small group, tutoring for courses in the Core Curriculum or courses that are beginning level courses within a major. Students must complete a Tutor Request application and an intake assessment interview in order to request a tutor.

Mathematics Services - offers students of all levels mathematics tutoring on a walk-in basis. Math Services is the first line of reference for students asking for extra help outside of class, even students who already make effective use of office hours. Math Services is committed to meeting students at their mathematical needs, and when necessary, referring those students that need more intensive help to the appropriate resources.

Academic Coaching and Research Services - provides assistance to students regarding general study, organizational and research skills; time management; use of online databases found on the Maxwell Library website; organization of course notes; note-taking strategies; highlighting of key text information; strategies for combining class lectures with textbook information; and test-taking strategies

Writing Studio - provides feedback to students in developing, organizing and brainstorming papers in all disciplines at all stages of a paper’s construction. The Writing studio is a teaching service, not a proofreading service.

Second Language Services - provides assistance to students for whom English is an additional language. Students develop effective strategies to increase clarity, fluency, linguistic accuracy, and creativity in academic English. Consultations on inclusive pedagogy and second language issues are available for faculty upon request.

Disability Resources - serves students with documented disabilities through academic counseling, peer mentoring and classroom accommodations. For more information on this resource, please refer to the Resources for Individuals with Disabilities in the Compliance Policies of the University  section of this catalog.

Testing Services - offers the southeastern Massachusetts, New England, and BSU student community with testing and assessment services that aid in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence. The Testing Center offers several exam programs including:

DSST (except the Principles of Public Speaking DSST)
MTEL and Pearson VUE Evaluation Systems
Proctored Exams

Math Readiness Program

Students may be assigned to a math readiness course as a result of the students’ high school records, SAT scores and performance on a placement examination generally given prior to New Student Orientation. A student may also request this assistance, which the University is pleased to provide.

Math readiness courses are graded on a (S) satisfactory/(U) unsatisfactory basis and will not be calculated in the student’s cumulative grade point average. Students assigned to a readiness course must complete the course successfully before attempting any other course in mathematics. (The credit earned in any Math Readiness course may not be used to satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements nor may it be applied toward the minimum number of credits required for graduation in any major.)

The University provides two math readiness courses, and each student should select the one appropriate for their major. No student will be permitted to take both. Students who wish further information about these courses should consult with the chairperson of the Department of Mathematics, the Director of Mathematics Services or the Director of the Academic Achievement Center.

MATH 090 - Math Readiness  - Fundamental principles of arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Provides preparation for non-precalculus-based college-level mathematics only.

MATH 095 - Precalculus Readiness  - Individualized, self-paced review of fundamental techniques of beginning and intermediate algebra. Provides preparation for precalculus courses.

Technological Resources

Bridgewater State University strives to remain in the forefront of educational technology. A wireless network across campus, an array of technology-enhanced courses, classrooms and laboratories that integrate technology, a robust residence network service, and a program for student notebook computers combine to give Bridgewater State University students an advantage in our technologically based society.

The Computer Notebook Program

The university’s computer notebook program, initiated in fall 2004, builds upon the university’s strengths in technology to engage all students at Bridgewater State University in a technology-rich educational experience and to help students develop skills that will be invaluable before and after graduation. Students can access the Internet using the university’s wireless network, find and view course information and communicate with their classmates, and stay connected at home to keep up on e-mail and homework.

The university requires new full-time undergraduate students to own a notebook computer. This policy also applies to full-time transfer students whose accumulated credits place them in a graduating class for which notebooks are required. Students may purchase a computer on their own that meets the minimum specifications or may purchase their notebook through the university’s agreement with a selected vendor offering competitive prices and the standard suite of office software.

Blackboard and InfoBear

Many of the courses at Bridgewater State University are enhanced by course websites developed through the Blackboard learning portal. Through access to their Blackboard course sites, students may gain access to course syllabi, materials and other information posted by the professors; engage in online discussions; collaborate with fellow students; view grades on assignments and tests in a course; and, at times, take quizzes or prepare for exams in the online environment.

InfoBear is a Web-based service provided by Bridgewater State University to allow quick and convenient access to each student’s course enrollment, transcripts showing progress toward graduation, course grades and other student record information. Students also register for courses through InfoBear, which is available through the university website and requires a student identification number and personal identification number. 

ResNet: Residence Network

The Bridgewater State University ResNet program is an all-in-one education and entertainment package provided to resident students. ResNet includes high-speed Internet service (wired and wireless), cable TV services, on-demand and premium movies, telephone service and WEPA print kiosks in each residence hall.

  • BSU offers wired and wireless network access to resident students. The wireless network is state-of-the-art and offers connectivity across the entire campus. Wired service is offered by request.
  • BSU cable TV provides resident students with cable television service. Our cable TV service is delivered in standard digital and high definition digital consisting of 115+ channels. Our premium channels include Showtime and HBO.
  • BSU offers Residence Life Cinema movie channels and Residence Life Cinema on-demand movie viewing. ResLife Cinema provides BSU residents with newly released movies on their television. The Residence Life Cinema ‘on-demand’ service allows resident students to watch selected movies at any time of the day or night on their computer and mobile devices.
  • In the residence hall common room lounges, we offer Netflix streaming and Blu-Ray DVD players.
  • BSU telephone service is provided by request to resident students. BSU telephone service allows local and room-to-room dialing. Long distance dialing is allowed, however, students must purchase a calling card.
  • BSU print service is offered in each residence hall. WEPA enables resident students to upload documents and print them in black and white or color. WEPA is a flexible cloud based print solution, which allows you to print from computers, Android and Apple devices.

The ResNet fee, charged once per semester, provides these services and support to resident students. Complete ResNet program information can be found at http://resnet.bridgew.edu/. For further information and news, “Like” us on Facebook and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BSURESNET.