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2022-2023 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

History, MAT

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Department: History

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree was developed for high school and middle school subject area teachers who have an initial license and are seeking a professional license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The MAT program is designed to meet the “appropriate master’s degree” requirement, which is part of the criteria for professional stage licensure, as set forth in the most recent MA DESE licensure regulations. This degree program will also appeal to secondary school teachers who already hold a standard level or professional license and want to acquire additional knowledge and a master’s degree in the discipline.

Students should consult the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures  section of the catalog for information regarding graduate program policies and procedures.

For program details, candidates should consult the Department of History’s graduate program coordinator, Dr. Brian Payne.


Learning Outcomes   

Admission Requirements

  • A 2.75 undergraduate GPA based upon four years of course work or a 3.0 undergraduate GPA based upon work completed during the junior and senior years
  • *A composite score of 290 or greater on the quantitative and verbal parts of the GRE General Test
  • An initial teaching license
  • Three appropriate letters of recommendation

* Bridgewater State University, College of Graduate Studies current student and recent alumni GRE-GMAT Waiver: Applicants are eligible for the GRE/GMAT waiver if they are a current BSU undergraduate senior majoring in history, or recent BSU alumni (three years or fewer) who graduated with their history degree from BSU and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5. If both of these criteria are met, the GRE/GMAT requirement will be waived as an admissions requirement for the individual.

Early Admissions Application Requirements

  • An online application
  • Resumé
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work
  • Two letters of recommendation from full-time BSU history department faculty members
  • Have completed 60 credits and hold a minimum undergraduate BSU GPA of 3.5 at the time their application is accepted
  • A minimum grade of “B+” in HIST 396
  • A minimum grade of “B+” in three HIST 400-level courses
  • A personal statement 

Undergraduate students may apply to the MAT program once they complete HIST 396 and three 400-level history courses and 60 overall credits. Although students may be accepted into the graduate program at this point, they will be classified as undergraduate students until all requirements of the Bachelor’s degree have been fulfilled and the degree has been awarded.

While a second-semester junior or a senior, students will be allowed to take up to two 500-level history courses that will contribute to their undergraduate course requirements and later be transferred into their MAT program.

Under the early acceptance program, students will be admitted and classified as graduate students in the semester immediately following conferral of the Bachelor’s degree and their acquiring initial licensure. The courses under the early acceptance pathway that they have completed (with a minimum grade of “B”) will be transferred into the graduate degree profile as meeting the MAT course work requirements.

Program of Study

History content electives (18 credits)

Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 18 approved graduate credits in the academic area of concentration (history), at least nine of which must be taken at the 500-level. Students are allowed to take up to three 400-level undergraduate courses for graduate credit so long as they complete additional work assigned by the instructor so as to increase the rigor of the course to that of a graduate level. Nine credits must be taken in a US history field and nine credits must be taken in geographic fields outside of US history. 

Exit requirement

The successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required. Please see the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures  section of this catalog for additional information.

Total minimum credits: 33

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