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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

English, Creative Writing Concentration, BA

The Creative Writing concentration in English introduces students to the craft and practice of writing creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry. Emphasis is placed on the fine arts “workshop” and on the process of manuscript development from the drafting stage to submission for publication. Students in the concentration gain hands-on experience in writing, revising, editing, reading and publishing that fosters and develops their critical thinking skills. The concentration also exposes students to a rich variety of contemporary literatures in English while grounding them in the literature of different historical periods, nations, genres and traditions.


Learning Outcomes   

Grade Requirements

Majors must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in ENGL 101/101E - Writing Rhetorically  and ENGL 102 - Writing Rhetorically with Sources . Credit earned in ENGL 101/101E and ENGL 102 may not be applied to the major.

The Department of English will permit a major to use only one passing grade below “C-” to satisfy requirements in the English major. An additional grade below “C-” will require the major to take another English course.

Course Requirements

Introductory writing workshops (6 credits)

Complete two courses, selected from the following:

Area electives (6 credits)

Elective in British or world literatures

Complete one course, selected from the following:

♦ Research methods

Complete one course, selected from the following:*

Electives in English (6 credits)

Complete two additional English (ENGL) courses at the 200-level or above; one of these must be at the 300-level or above. ENGL 254 - Literature for Elementary Education Majors  does not count toward the Creative Writing concentration in English.

Senior seminar (3 credits)

Complete one course, selected from the following:

Total minimum credits: 36-39

Core Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of 120 earned credit hours is required for graduation. These earned hours include the Core Curriculum Requirements as specified in the Core Curriculum section of this catalog and at the Core Curriculum website, www.bridgew.edu/corecurriculum. For additional graduation requirements, see the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.