Aug 15, 2020  
2019-2020 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

Anthropology, General Anthropology Concentration, BA

Department: Anthropology 

The general anthropology concentration introduces students to four of anthropology’s major subfields: cultural, biological, archaeological and applied anthropology. This concentration will expose students to a thorough understanding of the breadth and depth of anthropology, with an opportunity to see how anthropological ideas and methods are used to address human problems. Students will be well prepared to bring anthropological skills to the workplace or to enter a broad-based graduate program in anthropology.


Learning Outcomes  

Course Requirements

Electives (18 credits)

Complete a total of 18 elective credits in anthropology (ANTH) at the 300-level or above, including the minimum number of credits in each of the subdisciplines as indicated below:

Total minimum credits: 48

Core Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of 120 earned credit hours is required for graduation. These earned hours include the Core Curriculum Requirements as specified in the Core Curriculum section of this catalog and at the Core Curriculum website, For additional graduation requirements, see the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.