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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2017-2018 
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Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

So, what’s the value of the LACS minor you ask? Well, it’s a foundation in cultural knowledge, international studies, and globalization. If you’re on an interview and someone asks you about the minor, you now have an opportunity to showcase your education in global problem solving and cross-cultural perspectives, which will be music to the ears of an international corporation or someone in: sales, design, education, social work, psychology, government, criminal justice, or medicine. Not only can you do the job well, but also you will approach it with cultural empathy, meaning that you’ll be a team-player, humble, and ask questions, never assuming that your perspective on a situation is the only one. You will be easy to collaborate with because you understand the history, politics, artistic production, and people of what is the most diverse and modern region in the world. So, the real question is…why wouldn’t you add a LACS minor to your resumé?

Students seeking a minor in Latin American and Caribbean studies must complete 18 credits of courses in at least three disciplines from among the courses listed below, including LTAC-201: Introduction to Latin American & Caribbean Studies. As the minor is both regional and interdisciplinary, for the remaining five courses students choose approved courses from departments such as: anthropology, geography, sociology, social work, English, global languages and literatures, theatre, dance and history. Additionally, travel courses to the region count such as tours to: Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Peru and Nicaragua. No more than nine credits in any one department may count toward the minor.

For further information, interested students should contact Dr. Allyson Ferrante in the Department of English.

Course Requirements

Electives (15 credits)

Complete 15 credits of courses in at least three disciplines from among the courses listed below. Not more than nine credits in a single department may count toward the minor. Students pursuing this minor are strongly encouraged to complete courses in Spanish, Portuguese or another language of the region, at least to the intermediate level.


† Special topics courses may be applied to the minor, depending upon the specific topic covered, with prior permission of the Coordinator of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, Dr. Allyson Ferrante (

* Formal application is required for undergraduate students to enroll in graduate-level courses. See the “Graduate and Undergraduate Credit ” section of this catalog for additional information.

Total minimum credits: 18