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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

Aviation Science

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Chairperson: Associate Professor Michael Farley

Associate Professor: Michael Welch

Assistant Professors: Veronica Coté, John Kreeft

Department Telephone Number: 508.531.1779
Location: Harrington Hall, Room 111

Degree Program

  • BS in Aviation Science
    Concentrations: Aviation Management, Flight Training

Undergraduate Minor

  • Aviation Science

The following program is currently inactive:

  • Aviation Science, BS, Airport Management Concentration

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Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science

The Department of Aviation Science offers a BS degree in aviation science with concentrations in flight training and aviation management. Graduates are prepared for entry into the aviation industry in productive, professional employment, or alternatively, for graduate study.

Federal Aviation Administration Certification of Bridgewater State University, as a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 ground school, allows students to complete all required ground school courses at the university as part of the aviation science curriculum. Bridgewater State University is also designated as an official testing center for all Federal Aviation Administration knowledge tests.

The Bridgewater State University aviation science program incorporates single-engine and multi-engine flight simulator training into its flight training courses. For complete information on these programs, consult with the chairperson of the Department of Aviation Science.

Flight Training and Ground School

Students enrolled in the aviation science program must take all flight and flight-related courses through Bridgewater State University. Ground school courses are conducted by the university under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141, as is the flight simulator training, which is required as a part of commercial and instrument flight training courses.

Physical Examinations

Students seeking admission to the flight training concentration must pass a Class II or better FAA physical examination; a Class III FAA physical is required for the aviation management concentration or any other program involving flight courses. A copy of the certification for the appropriate flight physical must be on file with the aviation coordinator BEFORE FLIGHT TRAINING BEGINS.

Academic Credit for Flight Training

The following procedures for granting academic credit for flight and flight-related ground school training for both incoming freshman students and transfer students are in accordance with pertinent university policies. These policies are designed to ensure academic quality and to maximize safety for the participants in the aviation science program. All students requesting academic credit from Bridgewater State University for flight and flight-related ground school training are subject to these provisions. Credit for all other course work will be considered as specified in the university catalog under the sections concerning Transfer Admission and Transfer of Credit After Admission .

Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students

Freshmen or transfer students entering Bridgewater State University may request up to eighteen credits for previous work in flight and flight-related ground school training under the following provisions:

  • To obtain credit for flight training, the student must: a) provide valid documentation* of the flight training concerned; b) hold a current, appropriate flight physical certificate; and c) pass a flight proficiency test conducted by an aviation-science-approved flight instructor. (Additional flight training may be required if a student has difficulty passing the flight proficiency test.) All costs for the flight proficiency test (and any additional flight training) will be borne by the applicant.
  • Credit for training in FAA-certified ground schools may be obtained by providing valid documentation* of the training concerned.

* Valid documentation includes pertinent log books and other certificates, licenses and verification of the training from the school(s) concerned. This verification must be in the form of a statement that identifies the school, describes the curriculum under which the training was taken and specifies the number of class hours involved. The statement must be signed by the chief flight instructor of the school. Up to full credit may be granted for courses from flight schools operating under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 and up to half credit for training from schools operating under FAR Part 61.

Credit authorized by the above procedure for flight and fight-related ground school courses may be applied as follows:

Students entering the flight training concentration may apply up to 17 credits toward the academic major and students entering the aviation management concentration may apply up to 13 credits toward the academic major; any additional authorized flight training credit will be designated as free electives. At least 50 percent of the credits in any major field (major department) must be earned at Bridgewater State University.

Students entering the aviation science minor may apply nine credits toward the minor; any balance may be credited toward free electives.

Authorized flight training credits specified above for the major, minor, and free electives may be applied toward the university graduation requirement of 120 credits (minimum).

All students entering the aviation science program must compete any required background security checks with the Transportation Security Administration and/or the Federal Aviation Administration.

Note: For additional detailed information on the aviation science program, call 508.531.1779 or write Chairperson, Department of Aviation Science, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02325.

Upon acceptance into the aviation science program, students must obtain a copy of the “Department of Aviation Science Policies and Procedures Manual,” available on the University website at All students must comply with the policies and procedures as set forth in said manual.

Honors Program

The honors program in aviation science provides highly motivated aviation science majors with opportunities to enhance their academic program through intensive scholarly study and research designed to be of assistance in postgraduate employment or in the pursuit of an advanced degree in aviation science. Contact the Department of Aviation Science for further information concerning eligibility and application.

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