Jun 30, 2022  
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

SCWK 321 - Human Behavior and Social Environment II

(3 credits)
Prerequisite: SCWK 250 and SCWK 270 and SCWK 320
This is the second course in the human behavior sequence; it builds upon a liberal arts base and addresses the varied biological, psychosocial, cultural, economic, and political factors that separately and together influence human adaptation. In this course, students will review and critique theories of human development, functioning and well-being as they apply to human interactions through the entire life span. To help students consider diversity in many of its manifestations, the course will examine what the research suggests is normative development while examining some of the particular challenges confronting individuals at each phase. Utilizing a strengths perspective, the course will focus on risk and resilience as they influence people’s lives as individuals and as members of families, communities, cultures, and society. Offered either semester.