May 19, 2022  
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

ENGL 330 - Recent American Fiction

(3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENGL 203 and ENGL 234
Fiction from 1945 to the present addresses the key themes of recent American culture: the psychological toll of modern global warfare, America as a multi-ethnic nation, assimilation and disillusionment with the American dream, shifting gender roles, the effects of the Civil Rights movement, postmodern dislocation and meaninglessness, suburban malaise, the spread of consumer capitalism and a relaxation of the boundaries between high and low culture. Authors studied might include Flannery O’Connor, Saul Bellow, James Baldwin, Thomas Pynchon, Toni Morrison, Don DeLillo and Sherman Alexie.