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Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG] See drop-down menu above to access other catalogs.

TESL 510 - Principles and Practices of Bilingual Education

(3 credits)
Prerequisite: LASP 281 and LASP 300; or equivalent courses in another non-English partner language; or consent of program chairperson
In this course, students will acquire knowledge about and analyze principles and practices of bilingual education. In particular, they will explore multidisciplinary perspectives on bilingualism and biculturalism, analyzing the implications for PreK-12 teachers in bilingual settings. Students will also learn about the implementation of strategies for coordinating non-English partner language instruction and English language development instruction for English learners. Relevant TESOL/bilingual research on best practices in PreK-12 bilingual education will be integrated into course content. Students will apply their knowledge in a fieldwork experience in a bilingual education setting. Offered annually.